Craftswoman painting a bowl made of clay in art studio

Welcome to Ecowaremarket!

Welcome to Ecowaremarket, a marketplace showcasing products with sustainability in mind.

We are a brother and sister team who started this journey at the beginning of this year after questioning the ease with which we could find genuinely useful or fun, sustainable products online in one place. We wanted to satisfy our own needs but we also saw a growing contingent online who were questioning how they could source genuinely sustainable products from suppliers.

We had also found many amazing products made in Europe and the U.K. and thought how important it was to offer one place to showcase these products to compete with other multinational marketplaces. And so, with the aim of making it easier for people around the world to find eco-friendly products made or sourced in Europe or the U.K., Ecowaremarket was born.

Our goal is to make sustainable living accessible by providing an online platform that connects consumers with ethical suppliers, manufacturers, brands and artists from across Europe and the U.K. We’re also making it our mission to provide a trusted platform where suppliers can connect directly with consumers – so they don’t need to use up all their time and resources on marketing or advertising if they don’t want to.

As the marketplace grows, we hope you keep coming back to find more products you love because, as important as the global shift towards more sustainable and ethical consumption is, we also just want people to find great products!

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