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Spruce cleaning co

It’s an unfortunate fact that many traditional cleaning products are harmful for the environment. The good news is that a new generation of eco friendly cleaning products are on the rise which are geared towards those keen on the idea of eco green living.

These eco friendly products try to minimise or omit entirely the use of single use plastics and are inventive with their packaging. They help to reduce the amount of waste created, while ensuring that any packaging can be recycled. They also tend to use ingredients that are non-toxic, free from parabens, bleaches and harsh chemicals. As an additional bonus, some of them are relatively inexpensive to buy in comparison to the more harmful products. We have listed some of our current favourites below.

Spruce Cleaning Kits and Refills

These award-winning cleaning kits and refills are certified vegan and cruelty-free and are 100% plastic-free. They are also made using all-natural ingredients and have no synthetic fragrances, so it is easy to see why they are a popular choice for people looking for eco-friendly products. Beautiful minimalist packaging is used throughout and the paper based sachets that are used are home compostable.

The reusable bottle is even made from recyclable aluminium and there is zero water so less CO2 is used when it is being delivered. Spruce won a Marie Claire award for being the best eco-friendly cleaning brand.

Simple Living Eco-Dissolvable Cleaning Sheets

These dissolvable cleaning sheets are for putting in a bottle of 500ml to 750ml hot or cold tap water. This releases the natural cleaning products into the water. Best used in a reusable spray bottle. These sheets offer amazing value for money at only 35p to make an entire bottle of cleaner, with the ability to get 30 bottles of cleaner from a single order.

They are also small enough to fit through a letterbox, so there is no chance of the delivery being missed. Made by a family run UK business, so they don’t have to be imported to the UK. Free delivery and no minimum order size.

Raindrop Cleaning Drops

This brand gives 10% of their profits from each sale to charity, which is an excellent incentive to give them a try. Their cleaning drops are added to 500mls of water and shaken before use. They are certified as vegan and cruelty-free and their bottles are made from 50% recycled glass. The company is based in the UK so, again, the environmental impact of importing is avoided.

The drops are made from PVOH and are completely plastic free, they dissolve in water and are completely biodegradable. They don’t contribute to pollution through the use of microplastics.

Homethings Cleaning Tabs

The goal of moving toward zero waste products is one that is taken seriously by Homethings and their cleaning tabs reflect this ethos. They are certified both vegan and cruelty free and have plastic-free refills. There is also an optional bottle made from recycled plastic, so they are doing what they can to stop the use of single use plastics.

There is zero water used so carbon-dioxide released in transport is minimised and they work by putting one drop into a 500ml-700ml bottle of warm water and shaking it. The company is based in the UK so pollution used in delivery is as low as it can be.

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