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Animal Saving Bracelet with Giftbox


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The Bracelet that plants a tree & supports saving wildlife


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Every Original Treecelet supports tree planting projects in the most affected areas of the world. Additionally, Animal Saving Bracelets support the preservation of endangered animals around the world. When combined with the eco-friendly gift box, the bracelet becomes a perfect gift for environmental enthusiasts.

Keeping trees alive is as important as planting new ones. This is why we finance awareness videos on social media, to show people what we can do to minimise the impact of deforestation in our everyday lives. Along with financing tree planting projects, we also finance the protection of our newly planted trees.

ELEPHANT – African elephants today face multiple threats, from ivory and bushmeat poaching, loss of habitat, increased conflict with communities and even the impacts of climate change. Due to expanding human populations, the ancient migratory routes elephants have walked for generations are being lost to settlements and infrastructure. With fewer trees, longer droughts and less space to roam, elephants are frequently coming into closer contact with communities, often with deadly consequences. With the purchase of an Elephant Bracelet, you plant 3 trees and help to support elephant conservation in Kenya.

KOALA – Koalas were one of the most badly affected animals in Australia’s latest bushfires. In total, an estimated 1 billion animals were killed and among those, one-third of the koala population in New South Wales. With the purchase of a Koala Bracelet, you plant 1 tree in Australia and you also finance koala conservation in New South Wales.

RHINO – Rhinos across Africa are under threat and the black rhino is now critically endangered, with only 5,000 estimated to remain in the wild. The main cause of the species’ decline comes from poachers, who target their horns. Demand for rhino horn has dramatically increased in Asian countries, where it is used in traditional medicine or kept as a sign of status and wealth. A single horn on the black market can command extremely high prices. With the purchase of a Rhino Bracelet you plant 3 trees and help to support rhino conservation in Kenya – a country which is home to black and white rhinos.

-Every bracelet purchased funds 3 planted trees in Kenya (if Elephant/Rhino) or 1 planted tree in Australia (if Koala) and finances awareness content on social media.
-An additional 10% of the profits go to a non-profit organisation, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (if Elephant/Rhino) or Friends of the Koala (if Koala).
-Choose by the design of the bracelet or by the animal saving project you want to support (each bracelet is named after the animal that the bracelet supports).
-Comes in a minimalist eco-friendly gift box made from recycled cardboard.
-Gemstones and stainless-steel pendant.
-Easy to wear.
-Unisex, waterproof design.
-One size fits all: women, men or children.
-100% adjustable – wrist size: 13-23 cm in circumference.
-Comes in a cotton bag.
-Includes a tree planting certificate.

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