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Comfort Bouquet


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Comfort Bouquet of Coconut Delights by Coconut Matter


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Bouquet of Coconut Delights is curated with essential self-care items that are comforting, and with de-stressing scents to help you zen out. Whether you need a mood boost, or you’re feeling lacklustre or just in need of some love, these are some of the things we all deserve.

SPRING Natural Deodorant – The days it feels like rainbows, SPRING is where unicorns rule! Flowers pumping in a good MOOD, SPRING gets you flourishing even on the cloudy times. All because we scent it with the essential oils of goddesses: Geranium, Lavender and Lime. A blend with uplifting properties for your mind to bloom with grace and have you raining happiness.

GO WILD Coconut Body Butter – The most hydrating body butter on earth you will Go Wild! This coconut body butter is delicately scented by Tahitian Gardenia and blended with Evening Primrose oil. Both ingredients have been beauty and medicinal use for centuries and we combine them to strengthen the skin barrier and keep your bootylicious smooth, healed, refresh and soft, young and beautiful.

NO MORE BLUES Hand Balm – We got you with NO MORE BLUES as it works wonders on dry, irritated, or cracked skin. We level it up with essential oils that have been cherished for centuries for its healing properties. No More Blues… just lavender and mandarin, both bring an exhilaration of calmness with its fresh floral scent, while removes nervous exhaustion and restlessness.

REFRESH Coconut Oil Lip Balm – A seriously hydrating lip balm and refreshing. Its citrusy grapefruit scent will lift up your joy thanks to its detoxifying and clarifying properties. Apply it to any area of your gorgeous skin and get that well-deserved citrus boost.

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