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Natural Deodorant in cardboard push-up tube, zero waste, plastic free,eco-friendly,75 gr


Materials: coconut oil, shea butter, kaolin clay, arrowroot, beeswax, vegetable glycerin, essential oil.

The Naturally Legit deodourant fights unpleasant odour effectively, using only natural ingredients, giving a long-lasting feeling of comfort and freshness.

This organic and chemical-free deodourant is specially formulated to make use of ingredients which will neutralise your sweat in a more natural way. Coconut oil has anti-microbial properties; kaolin clay absorbs the impurities and toxins from the skin without drying it out, and shea butter has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Arrowroot powder is used for its absorbing properties and has a natural ability to sooth irritation, and beeswax is naturally moisturising and very gentle on the skin while keeping your deodourant stick solid.

We’re proud to say our products are:
• 100% Natural
• suitable for sensitive skin
• free from baking soda
• aluminium-free
• preservative-free
• free from artificial ingredients
• parabens-free
• fully compostable

Our products are packaged in 100% sustainable materials, in this case in the form of a cardboard “push-up” tube to minimise the environmental impact. Simply push the bottom of your tube whenever you need a top-up.

Application: Hold the deodourant against the skin for 10 seconds to let your body heat melt the texture. Apply a thin layer in one or two strokes.

For those trying a natural deodourant for the first time, please note this is not an antiperspirant.

The defining feature of antiperspirant is that it contains aluminium, which blocks the affected sweat glands entirely. The Naturally Legit deodourant simply neutralises the bacteria in sweat, helping to combat the bad smell while allowing your body to function as normal.

Making the switch to a natural deodourant, you’ll leave those nasty aluminium salts behind and your armpits will go through a detox phase, which can last up to 3 weeks. During this time, you’ll experience a substantial increase in growth of odour-causing bacteria in the underarm area.

Once your body has recalibrated, bacteria levels may begin to subside, and underarm moisture levels will normalise.

It may be scary to get over the detox period, but a natural deodorant is recommended alongside a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.

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