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Original Treecelet with Giftbox


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Original Treecelet with Gift box from recycled cardboard


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Every Original Treecelet supports tree planting projects in the most badly affected areas of the world. When combined with the eco-friendly gift box, it makes the perfect gift for someone with an environmental and sustainable mentality

Keeping trees alive is as important as planting new ones. This is why we finance awareness videos on social media, to show people what we can do to minimise the impact of deforestation in our everyday lives. Along with financing tree planting projects, we also finance the protection of our newly planted trees.

CALIFORNIA – Every year California battles devastating fires. Hundreds upon hundreds of hectares of trees are lost annually. Drought, high temperatures and high winds are the main cause of California’s fires, and it is getting worse. This year, we saw a 500% increase in forest fires across America. With the California bracelet, you finance tree planting directly in California, and help to address the problem directly.

KENYA – Deforestation is an ongoing environmental issue in Kenya. It is estimated that in the last 50 years, Kenya has lost almost half of its forest land. When you purchase a Kenya Bracelet, you plant 3 trees in the Great Rift Valley and along the Northern coast, while raising awareness about deforestation in Kenya.

MADAGASCAR – Deforestation is a major threat to Madagascar’s biodiversity, as 90% of Madagascar’s endemic species live or heavily rely on the forest. However, because of deforestation, over 8000 species are either classified as vulnerable or endangered. When you purchase a Madagascar bracelet, you plant 3 trees in coastal Mahabana and Ankarafantsika National Park in Madagascar, while raising awareness about deforestation in Madagascar and its effect on both wildlife and our lives.

-Every bracelet purchased funds 3 planted trees in Kenya and finances awareness content on social media.
-Choose by the design of the bracelet or by the tree planting area you want to support (each bracelet is named after the area where the money from the bracelet pays to plant trees).
-Comes in a minimalist eco-friendly gift box made from recycled cardboard.
-Handmade in Slovenia (EU) by members of the disabled community.
-All of the bracelet’s components are made locally.
-Carbon-neutral production.
-Nickel-free metal pendant.
-Easy to wear.
-Unisex, waterproof design.
-One size fits all: women, men or children.
-100% adjustable – wrist size: 13-23 cm in circumference.
-Comes on a card made from recycled paper.
-Includes a tree planting certificate.

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