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To mask, or not to mask, that is the question. Luckily, or not, you don’t need to panic. Mathematics is simple. The countries with a strong mask-wearing culture, such as Japan, Singapore, South Korea or Hong Kong, were the first to lower the virality of COVID-19 to manageable levels. On top of that, the official stance is now pro-mask!
So, why not wearing a modern, stylish, easy to wash, breathable, hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, vegan and comfortable to use mask? Such is our 100% hemp face mask here, made with love in Transylvania and dyed ecologically!
Each mask comes with 5 additional filters that can be inserted in the inner pocket.
Each filter insert is made of TNT (non-woven fabric), a material made of polypropylene and viscose based on fabric, which prevents the passage of particles or droplets of contaminated liquid and germs.
TNT filters can be re-sterilized using the steam iron. Please note: do not iron the filter without the mask or a dishcloth in between. Careful, please, because straps may lose their elasticity when they come in contact with heat.
We recommend sterilizing the filters and washing the mask on a regular basis (every time you come back from outside). Furthermore, try not to use a filter more than 10 times.
Please Note: This is not a medical mask and should not be used by healthcare professionals in a hospital.


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Two layers of 100% hemp fabric
Inner sewn in pocket for filters
5 x TNT filters included
Comfortable ad elastic straps around the ear
Full face and chin protection
Universal Size

Composition: 100% Hemp
Weight: 310 gr/lm
Metric fineness number of the yarn (m/g): Nm = 16/1
Dyeing: Undyed
Country of Origin: Romania

Wash at 40° C using mild biodegradable detergent
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Hang to dry
Iron to regain the shape using the steam iron

Respect For Workers
Fair Trade
100% Vegan
Ethically And Conscientiously Made In Transylvania

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Aubergine, Beige, Black

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